Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Love Eleven!

The dregs of a New Year's Double Rainbow drink.

Anyone else excited that this year is 2011? I've always loved the number 11 and while I am not a superstitious person or a numerology person, I get a kick out of numbers and eleven is a favorite. I enjoy the idea of living in a year defined by the number 11. It's an odd number, a prime number, and it is visually symmetrical. What is not to love?

When I saw this drink recipe, I knew I'd have to do something similar for our family New Year's celebration. My family loves the double rainbow video (language warning, btw - for those bothered by such things). I so understand being floored by nature and the double rainbow guy takes being in awe of nature to a wonderful level.

And the whole 11 thing connected in my brain with the word double and that just makes having a double rainbow celebration sort of a given. In my brain 2011 and double rainbow seem to be MFEO. Or maybe I just really, really needed an excuse to use rainbow colored ice cubes, because - Hello! Awesome!

Of course if you are like my husband, you see this photo and don't think COOL!!! like I obviously did. You think, "NO WAY are you feeding my kids this dye, especially when they are staying up until midnight too." Well, I won that particular round and you know what? We all survived it. ;0)

We achieved the 'double' for our double rainbow themed celebration with the addition of fruit salad for our midnight snack. I discovered brightly colored fruit eaten with little wooden hors d'oeuvres forks seems to be an ultimate eating experience for my kids. Who knew? I thought they'd be all excited to be drinking soda with colorful ice but instead the fancy toothpicks captured their hearts. :0)

For our drinks I squeezed a wedge of lemon, lime and orange into sprite and filled the glass with the rainbow ice cubes. Fun stuff. And enough sugar to fuel us into the wee hours.

Double Rainbow!  Btw, my point and shoot camera is hating indoor winter picture taking. So excuse the over exposed flash pictures.

A new year brings out those resolution urges, huh? I am such a list person, so I do like a good goal setting session. Keeping with my double rainbow theme, I think my main goal for 2011 is to embrace life a bit more spontaneously, and dive more completely into the moments that come my way. It is a rather abstract goal, the opposite of list making and concrete goal setting. But it is the truth of what I wish for this year. In short... more double rainbow moments.

Happy 2011! May this year be filled with joy and surprisingly fun things like rainbow colored ice cubes and fancy toothpicks!


Jen said...


Happy New Year!

Sparklee said...

Fantastic idea! (I'll bet those ice cubes don't have any more dye than a bag of Skittles.) Can't wait to try this. I'll definitely be picking up some fancy toothpicks at the store, too!

Karen said...

Loooove your non-list :-)
Happy New Year to you too!

Mummy Dearest said...

I love the drink recipe!! Great - thanks for sharing. Will hopefully make in on 12th night -- which is January 6th this week. Perfect timing!

val said...

It does not get any better. love, Val