Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The groundhog didn't see his shadow?!

Hahahahahahahahahha.... All respect to the groundhog, but I think he's wrong.

 This guy wouldn't mind a longer winter.

 She's pretty content as well.

 Napping in the snow?! We're tough here in Michigan.

 Like much of the country, we got a lot of snow.

 Lots and lots and lots of snow.

 To be honest, we didn't mind. It was a good day. Cookies and legos were involved.

I did this!!! Me and a shovel and a few hours of my morning. I hurt. My husband helped. He hurts too. We thought we'd be fine without a snowblower this year. We are fine, but we do hurt.

Best snow angel of the winter so far. My daughter rocks at these. I can't get up once I'm down and so destroy my angel trying to stand. My snow angels look more like snow seizures.

Still too cold for snowballs. The kids can't WAIT to use the snowball makers they got for Christmas, but so far this winter there has been no packable snow. I imagine there will be time yet, no matter what the groundhog claims.

Poor bbq grill got left outside this winter. I think my husband is trying to put it out of its misery for good. It has been on its last legs for a couple years ever since it was blown over in a windstorm. Obviously, we get some weather where I live. It's okay. We're hearty folk.

Well, she's not so hearty. But she does look cute bouncing through the snow like a little black sheep. What she lacks in endurance, she makes up in enthusiasm. 

Hope everyone in the range of 'snowpocalypse' had as much fun with it as we did. And Happy Groundhog Day! I can't blame the little rodent for his optimism!


Sparklee said...

We have snow here, but you have major SNOW there! Looks like the kids had a really fun day! I had to laugh at your "snow seizure" description! I haven't attempted any snow angels this year, but I did make an interesting impression when I fell the other day...

Sara said...

Wow! That is some real snow! Happy Groundhog's Day, and glad to see some folks enjoying their snow. ;)

val said...

What a beautiful winter day. love, Val