Thursday, May 5, 2011

Just keep hooping. Just keep hooping. What do we do? We hoop. Hoop. Hoop.

Someone got a new hula hoop and you know what that means...
Hula hoop matching time. 

My girl is a hula hooping fashionista. It tickles me, the idea of dressing to match a hula hoop. I don't dress to match my hula hoop. I'd look like a Christmas bulb. I am cool with living vicariously through her artful outfits.

Like here. And here except without the fun animation this time. Lazy me.

Well, not lazy really. Sort of overwhelmed to be honest. Spring does this to me. I look forward to it. Long for it even, then WHAM! Spring descends and I just don't adjust well to major changes. I don't. I even have a hard time transitioning between vast temperature changes for goodness sake. We get busy in the spring. Oh, busy is such an understatement. Such a contrast to winter that was here just yesterday. And until I adjust to it, I get scattered. I forget so much that I forget that I forget stuff, and well... that is as confusing as it sounds.

For example I forgot to put an ad in the paper for our business spring special. Then I remembered and it went in the paper, but I forgot to turn the ringer on the business phone this morning. So then I faced a backlog of calls to return at the same time that people were calling. So I forgot breakfast. For everyone.

And that is more typical stuff... there is also the weirder proof of my decline like a package returned to me because it was going to Canada and I didn't fill out a customs form, but it was a letter and I shouldn't have had to. But it was a thick letter, so they wanted me to anyway, and during fixing that whole mess up I forgot to mail another package until I found it in my car yesterday. And I am just remembering RIGHT. THIS. SECOND. that I failed to tell my swap-partner that her package is going to be late and that is a big no-no and a probability that my rating on swap-bot will go down. Ughh... See where this is going? It is spiraling. And not in a good hula hoops sort of way. In a descending rapidly in an ohmygosh I want to somehow express how I want to run away sort of thing.

I do feel the need to point out the in between all of this forgetting is a lot of remembering. I'm not on full fail mode all of the time. There is just a lot going on. We're busy, you get it. Everyone is busy. This isn't earth shattering or even interesting, and it it certainly isn't a real problem like floods, hunger, cancer or war. I understand this and it is all in there swirling around in my brain. Grateful one second, overwhelmed and nail chewing the next. This is spring at my house.

But I try to blog happy. It helps but these days, weeks, months do happen. But I remind myself that when these moments pass, they pass. Best to let them go, right?

Hula hooping and really does help. My daughter got a new hoop because I asked her to take a class with me this summer. Not that she needed a bribe but I bought a sparkly hula hoop when I started taking classes, so I thought it would be fun if she did too. My son ended up ordering one too so I imagine we aren't done with hula hoop posts quite yet even if he is with me on the non-hula hoop matching side of the fence.

I started a twitter account, which was the inspiration for this self critical sort of post. Twitter has made me think. There's a link to it on the right sidebar if you are so inclined to follow such sport. I've had an account for a bit, but just started to use it regularly, reading and tweeting. However, it has been interesting to me to realize the things that come to me to actually tweet about.

Blogging is a few comfortable paces removed from the momentum of everyday. I have time to sit back and breathe before posting a blog and so I am able to put things in perspective. I have a facebook account that I don't use a ton but try to check in on at least once a day. I also 'think before posting' there. I mean... many of those people actually see me in real life. I could say stuff that could become potentially embarrassing in real life situations, you know? Think first, write second is a good strategy in general.

Then there's twitter. This instant medium that isn't linked to me as personally as facebook. Like blogging... without the time barrier. Suddenly I find myself fighting the urge to tweet about telemarketers, or being tired, or not having enough time to make coffee, let alone the 1,000 'real' worries and issues that everyone faces each day. Basically, I fight the urge to gripe, and I am not really a griping sort of person. And well, it is a puzzle. Is this frazzled person me? Or is it a moment that I should allow to dissolve away and be over?

Because there is a bit of the whole 'the word became flesh' about writing isn't there? If I write about how bad my morning was, then it lives on and become something 'more' somehow. It sort of starts to define me a bit, those of us leaving bits of ourselves here and there on the internet. The pieces adding up to a sort of whole, about as much of a definition of a person as anything really is. Am I really the woman who wanted to cry because the phone wouldn't stop ringing this morning?

Or am I the woman who put on the music, turned down the ringer and pulled out our hoops for a spontaneous hooping session to shake off the morning?

Well, the truth is... Both. I am both people. And well, I might not always be able to force life into the boxes I wish for it and twitter might be an outlet for the more spontaneous me, for better or worse. I don't know, we'll see. I am there anyway. And if you are too... then feel free to join me. I'm still finding my feet but it might be interesting. I am hoping it might be a way to make note of things before they slip into the ether of my brain like so many things have lately.

The weekend is fast approaching people! Get in and hang on. The ride is rough and short but often glorious. Like a child that likes to match her hula hoop and how spinning with her melts away a morning worth of problems. Sending introspective hugs out through the intertubes this morning. Now I am off to make  a very large and well, shall I say, rather deserved cup of coffee.


Deb said...

I love how your daughter matches her clothes to the hula hoop. I know people who match nail polish to the book they are reading.
I like this post. I'm sorry for your mix ups though.

Karen said...

Oh, well said! I feel just this way, starting about mid-April and continuing through Memorial Day. Pics of your happily hooping, and need I say, well-matched daughter interspersed through this post are the perfect yang to your writing ying.
Hope things slow down a bit for you soon,

val said...

Sounds like a pretty full life, aggravation and all. The hula hoop and the kid are the perfect solution. love you, V

Sara said...

Introspective hugs to you too. :)