Saturday, September 3, 2011

Double Digits!

My little girl has turned 10! And if you are in any way aware of children's cartoon passions you will know what this means...

Only that she is old enough to venture forth into the unknown to hunt and train Pokemon. Of course! Don't worry, she'll return before next year in time to be admitted to Hogwarts at age 11.

Here's my little Pokemon trainer, blowing out her candles.

And my sloppy attempt at Pokeball cupcakes. These were so much harder to do than I thought they would be and required an obscene amount of red food coloring. 

Fun was had by all, especially this guy because his uncles were on hand to jump on:
You might be tempted to feel sorry for the uncle in this picture. Don't. He started it.
He always starts it. We try not to give either boy in the picture too much sugar.

And of course there were presents! Also, see this whole cluttered computer area? It is one of the projects I've recently tackled and it exists no more! Woohoo! Well, the computer still exists, but the desk and the clutter are gone. But that is a post for another day...

Check out this gorgeous wrapping job. Isn't it awesome? My sister brought this beauty and it was filled with a kit to make your own soaps. Something both my daughter and I are very excited to dive into! 

My husband and I put together a little backpack for her filled with things she'll need on her Pokemon journey while she is alone in the wilds. A little sewing kit, first aid kit, journal, binoculars (provided by my mom), and a starter Pokemon. (An Oshawott if anyone is curious.) I failed to take a picture of it. Actually, my picture taking skillz on this day were less than stellar all around. However, fuzzy pictures and melty pokeball cupcakes aside, it was all in all a successful day.

And, I am pleased to report that so much fun was had, my daughter has decided to stick around for awhile longer. Perhaps she'll just search for Pokemon while hiking our home forests and trails when taking family walks. It seems the whole venturing out by yourself at age ten seems so overrated when you really think about it. Sounds good to me! More time to prepare for Hogwarts!


Deb said...

I know nothing about Pokemon. I guess I'll need a lesson from the birthday girl.

K said...

Oh happy birthday to all of you.

I'm loving you blogging again. Blogs are so much fun. I've missed them and you.

candyn said...

Deb - My first Pokemon lover is now 20 years old and you'd think after over a decade of exposure I'd know more about them myself. Pretty much what I know is summed up in the post.

K - My online time has seemed so limited the past few months, whether from habit changes or just more happening I don't know. I miss you too and reading everyone's blogs.