Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wizard Love

I dare you to try to listen to this song only one time. Well, I suppose you have to love the Harry Potter world and cutesy stuff for that dare to really apply though. I've probably put half of the views up myself.

Lots of fun stuff happening lately in our world. The cool fall air, colors and the baking that is inspired by such weather helps, of course. Halloween is just around the corner.

We carved pumpkins for the second time in my children's existence. I know! I've tried but the kids have refused for years. I guess the first time was so scarring, it took a few years to build up to a retry. It was awesome this time around though. I took pictures, but cannot find the cord for my camera to put the photos on my computer. Hopefully I can get those up before winter.

Just a quick post for a tired evening as I am winding down fast. Have a good week all!

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Sara said...

I love the video!