Saturday, November 5, 2011

A girl and her dragons.

My daughter loves dragons. She reads book after book about dragons. Her favorite books are ones with lead female characters that befriend dragons. There are a surprising number of books like that actually and she's gone through quite a stack of them this year. However, I am always on the lookout for more. If you know of any dragon books where the dragons are the good guys. I'm all ears.

She also writes her own stories about dragons and their brave girl trainers. She watches movies about them whenever she can find ones that cast dragons in a favorable light. She doesn't like stories that stage dragons as the beast to be conquered. She feels that dragons are misunderstood creatures with powers that need to be respected, not feared. She's as adamant about this as she is about not eating food that is shaped like animals. Love this kid.

And as if this isn't enough dragon-filled fun for one young girl, she also makes clay dragons. Constantly. She's gifted almost everyone in our family with their own personal dragon, and she has plenty left over to guard her bedroom.

Some of her first clay dragons.

My personal favorite one besides the one she made for me (which I failed to photograph for this post).

Recently I found a cute little shelf at Goodwill that after a good scrubbing and a few coats of white paint, makes a perfect home for some of her dragon creations.

Oh, how I love these sweet dragons. And how I love my little dragon girl.


val said...


Sometimes I feel misunderstood with an enormous dog, bigger than me, the animal who gets on my last nerve leaning on me, sleeping in front of cupboards I have to open if any of us are going to eat tonight.

But her heart is way kinder than mine.

And dragons? Beautiful. love, Val

Hoola Tallulah said...

This made me smile so much, aren't kids brilliant!

K said...

Yay for your wonderful creative girl! What a joy and love. :o)

Sparklee said...

A mom in our local group wrote Born to Be a Dragon (Eisley Jacobs.) My daughter is enjoying it, and I think it's the first of a series.

Her dragons are wonderful! So much personality!

candyn said...

Thanks, everyone. She's my sweetie. :)

Sparklee, I downloaded Born to Be a Dragon last night after reading your comment. Thanks for the recommendation! My daughter is excited since it is about a girl and a dragon and that she gets to use my Nook to read it. Lol. Looks like a fun book!

Wendy Darling said...

Ohh, those are lovely, Candy! Looks like she's on her way to being just as artistic as her mama. :)

Hope you're doing well.