Saturday, November 12, 2011

Random photos of recent days...

 Gazebo on a favorite trail.

 One of my daughter's recent dragons.

 The artist at work.

 Part of an ongoing attempt to spruce up my entryway.

 Ongoing stair project for the entryway. I might finish it some day.

 My boy.

My other boy. The triumphant leaf catcher. :)

Cheese! Wow. I am shorter than I feel.

 Love this of my daughter peeking at the sunset.

My tree. Only one around left in leaves.

We're doing our best to get and stay healthy through one of the most virus filled autumns we've experienced and trying to appreciate the last bits of the season. We had the first snow fall last week, and it is always so beautiful those first flakes. But, they let us know that we better soak in the sun and the earth whenever we get a chance; sore throats or not. Winter, she looms.

Hope the weekend finds everyone surrounded by the people and places you love! 


Sparklee said...

All great photos! You are so creative!

Hoola Tallulah said...

the stairs are brilliant, can't wait to see how this finishes up, what a fantastic idea!

Sara said...

The entry way and stairs are looking very cool!

candyn said...

Thanks all! I'm hoping that posting pics of the unfinished stairs will put a fire under me to get the project done! :)

panamamama said...

Great pics! Love the dragons and the stairs are fantastic! I keep wanting to do something similar with ours. Did you paint that on? Thanks for your sweet words on my blog.

candyn said...

panamamama - My stair project has been evolving for years now. It was originally going to be ceramic tile, then I was going to paint them, but I ended up making 'tiles' out of scrapbook paper. I printed the letters out of a favorite font and modpodged them onto the tiles. Then I modpodged the 'tiles' onto the stairs. Cutting the letters was the hardest part, and that wasn't bad. I actually have no good reason why this isn't a finished project, because it isn't that hard to do! Just got busy with life and other stuff, I guess.

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