Sunday, June 10, 2012

A Witchy Little Matchbox Doll

 Little box home. (Clicking the photos should enlarge them to show details.)

I made another little matchbox doll. Actually, I've made a few, but my blogging just hasn't kept up with all the stuff of daily life. Ah well. Like last week's recital. I really need to blog about that. I continually kick myself for not blogging about last year's recital, and here I am slacking on this year's. Okay. Noted. Blog about recital. It is officially on my to do list. You are my witness.

Hello dolly.

I haven't been swapping lately but someone found my blog and wrote me a nice email. We wrote back and forth a bit and the kind of doll she requested intrigued me. She wanted a gothy/witchy doll. She liked nature, soft spring greens, unnatural hair color, etc. Fun stuff, huh? So of course I had to make her.

 In her house.

 Close-up of interior.

She fits inside the matchbox bed for shipping but she prefers to sleep on top of it once she's 'home'. I just call them matchbox doll because of the fun fact that they are small enough to fit in a 32 count matchbox. The little houses are a fun way to have a doll house that doesn't take up much space. Win/win.

 Close up of pictures.

 Clearer shot of house.

 Trunks. I really fell in love with making these little trunks.

 Teeny tiny tarot cards for teeny tiny fortune telling.
Teaspoon for size perspective.

 Potions and such.

Girly and her loot.

 Back view no cloak.

 Back with cloak.

 Front view with cloak.

 Side view with cloak.

 Size perspective iphone.

 Size perspective teaspoon.

 She and one of my daughter's dragons became good friends while she was here.

Other matchbox dolls I've made if you are interested and haven't seen them before: Red Riding Hood, 1940's inspired doll, and the first one I ever made - a Steampunk Fairy. I'll try to blog about the other dolls I've created soon. And the recital. I must blog about the recital. 

However, that is for another day. Now I need to go crawl into my own little bed. A morning walk awaits and it looms only a few hours away. Sigh... Not enough hours in the day to live life and blog about it too it seems. :) We do what we can though, right? Goodnight friends. Dream happy!