Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sledding on Lake Michigan Sand Dunes

 The drifts on the side of the road are getting high! This wasn't even the tallest one.

 So cold, but so fun!

 Climbing sand dunes is hard.
Climbing sand dunes covered in slippery snow, harder.
Climbing sand dunes covered in slippery snow in 20 mph wind gusts?
That's just how we do winter in Michigan.

We 'heart' sledding.

The hills were rather icy. So very fast.
Kind of scary if you are a scaredy cat, ahem, logical person like myself.
Goodness, I didn't realize blogger would speed up the video like this. The runs were fast, but not THAT fast.

The Lake Michigan beach house. What lake?

Warming up at the bowling alley after all the sledding fun. We've been bowling so many times this winter, I'm actually starting to like it. Spring can't come soon enough! Winter storm Rex is barreling our way bringing 6-8 more inches of snow tomorrow. Heck, maybe I'll join a bowling league...

Happy new week, everyone! Stay warm!

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